Gloss Kitchens Peterborough

If you would like your kitchen to look sophisticated and glossy like a photograph in a magazine, you now have that opportunity. There is nothing quite as stunning as modern high gloss kitchens and they all rely on a few simple rules to create a sleek and modern look. If you are looking on the market for a new kitchen in Peterborough, visit our page on Gloss Kitchens in Peterborough or call us today on 01733 20 87 87 for more information. 

A high gloss finish is designed to take full advantage of the optical properties of a light wave reflecting from a door or window to produce a ‘glossy effect’. The smoother the surface the more light waves can be reflected, creating the overall glossy look. 


Gloss Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to get a great contemporary gloss kitchen to choose contrasting colours. For example, using black gloss kitchen cabinets to contrast with a white worktop or vice versa. If extreme opposites aren’t for you but you still want a look that will make an impact, you could explore cream gloss cabinets which look great contrasted with natural woods. It can be very easy to go overboard, so be sure to keep everything balanced perfectly. You do not need to perfect ratio but finding that perfect balance is always a positive. 

There is more than one way to create a gorgeous kitchen. Many choose glossy wood overall and then choose a bold work surface to allow the beauty of the wood to stand out. Different patterns, shades and lighting will give you the perfect desired outcome. 


Glass is a very durable material, however, it can be expensive. On the flip side PVC is the cheapest yet depending on where and how it is manufactured it can have really good properties. A lacquered finish has now been developed by spray coating a surface in specialised paint which can then produce a beautifully smooth and highly reflective finish in a wide range of colours. High-quality lacquer finishes are extremely hard-wearing but can be expensive. 

Acrylic is a very reflective material but untreated can be quite soft, which means it can be easily scratched. Quality finishes can be achieved by applying a transparent lacquer to the surface, bestowing the finished product with greater resistance to scratching. 

Kitchen manufacturers have spent years trying to refine materials to produce finishes which can cope with all the chemical, environmental and physical factors which the work surfaces and doors may be exposed to. If you are mindful of these elements it enables you to find a better finish for your home. 


Glossy Kitchen

One of the main elements to remember is that high gloss kitchens need an element of balance. You need something bold to make a statement but if you make the whole kitchen bold then it may be too harsh on the rest of the design of the home. When choosing colours, remember that your kitchen will include sleek angles and geometric shapes which could look over the top with bright colours. 

Also, we would advise to not focus solely on one element as you will need to think about how they work together. Working outside of the box is always good too and as long as you’re having with it and you like what you see, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. If you are looking online for a brand new kitchen in Peterborough, visit our page today on New Gloss Kitchens in Peterborough or call us for more information on 01733 20 87 87