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If you are looking for a kitchen supplier in Peterborough, then this page should be able to answer any questions you may have and also point you in the right direction and help with your new kitchen purchase. Whether you are after a few extra kitchen cupboards or a brand-new designer kitchen in Peterborough then this document should be able to help. So, let’s look at some of the key components that your kitchen supplier offers in Peterborough.

There is plenty of choice if you are after a bespoke kitchen in Peterborough or a shaker kitchen in Whittlesey or even a modern kitchen in March so, please make sure that you look for a kitchen supplier that has first and foremost a vast range of kitchens to choose from, has arrangements with multiple kitchen suppliers and can offer any style of kitchen that any prospective kitchen purchaser would want. If they are a member of the Sirius Buying Group, then this is something that is taken care of. 



When you look for a kitchen supplier in Peterborough it’s not just the supply part you need to consider. The safest way to ensure that everything goes to plan is to make sure that you choose not only a kitchen supplier but that they also deliver and install the kitchen too. There are so many stories out there of the kitchen supplier being different to the kitchen installer and if one thing in your brand-new kitchen is a few inches out then you can be absolutely sure that both sides will blame each other and for you in the middle that is no fun at all. It’s simple but if you choose a kitchen supplier in Peterborough who is also the kitchen installer in Peterborough then they cannot pass the blame off to anyone else. Coupled with the fact that they have a multiple choice of who to manufacture the kitchen for them you can be sure that they will choose to supply you with one of the most reliable kitchen manufacturers possible.

Before you visit our showroom, please feel free to enquire with our team regarding what to expect or download our brochure. Our team will be able to provide you with all of the important information that you will require regarding our showroom, so you can make the most of your time there.

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With so many styles of kitchen available these days you need an expert with years of experience to advise on the correct one for you. From classic kitchens to contemporary kitchens, country kitchens, gloss kitchens, handleless and matt kitchens to modern, shaker and timeless kitchens the choice is enormous so get some help from the experts, someone like Kellyvison in Whittlesey who have been a kitchen supplier since 1983. Download our brochure to get fully inspired and book your free kitchen design and quotation today.


It’s not just the skin and bones of your kitchen these days that needs to be considered, with so many electronic devices now available to be built in such as TV’s in the fridge door and washing machines that enable you to load on the go and everything pretty much programmable when you are not even home, the choices have never been so complex and an expert kitchen fitter such as Kellyvison will be able to help you future proof you kitchen for years to come. Check out our home appliances website here for top branded products at great prices.


This has been just a brief overview of where to start looking if you want a new kitchen in your home, but we hope it’s been useful for you. The main factors, in our opinion, are to choose not only a supplier but an installer too, somebody with plenty of local experience, plenty of choice in kitchen manufacturer and with that plenty of agreements with kitchen appliances suppliers too.

Get in touch with our professional team today and turn your kitchen dreams into a reality.


The Kellyvision Kitchen showroom Peterborough is located at the heart of Whittlesey on Broad Street. Our address is below: 


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