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A gloss kitchen is usually the first choice for many kitchen designs. Gloss kitchens allow you to play around with the look and style of your brand new kitchen design. The clean lines and contemporary styling of a high gloss finish creates a statement feature in your kitchen.

Whatever your kitchen size, a gloss kitchen can transform a dark, dull room into a light space that you will adore. The super gloss doors reflect the light and can make the kitchen space seem a lot bigger. Gloss finishes also allow your kitchen to be wiped down with ease and will always maintain that perfect finish.

Here at Kellyvision, our team will be more than happy to help you design the gloss kitchens of your dreams. All of our staff are experts in the field and in our range of kitchens.

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The smooth lines and modern styling of a high gloss finish is sure to create a striking statement in any kitchen. The conventional flat design and a shiny surface can bring a kitchen to life; especially when you start to add a splash of colour or bold shades such as white. Gloss doors on cabinets and cupboards are super low maintenance and incredibly durable – all you need to do is simply wipe down.

Our team will work with you to plan your dream kitchen. Let us help you identify the right colour palette, concept and accessories then bring it all together into a reality. Download our brochure to view our range of gloss kitchens, including:

  • Grey gloss kitchens
  • White gloss kitchens
  • Coloured gloss kitchens

With such a vast choice of styles and designs,  you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting for your kitchen. You can customise everything to suit your taste- keep it sleek and curvy or give things an edge… with an edge!

The Sirius Brochure


Gloss kitchens are available in a fantastic range of colours. Go bold with a dark or vibrantly bright colour scheme, or choose something timeless with neutral colors or perhaps a simple white theme. Here are a few of our personal favourites:

Dusk Grey

Gloss White

Gloss Ivory


Gloss Pearl Grey

Gloss Mussel

Gloss Platinum

Whether you’re after bright and bold or subtle and muted, we’ll help you pick the ideal shades that will complement your new kitchen whilst still being highly durable and easy to care for. 


Storage is an essential feature in any kitchen, regardless of size. Here at Kellyvision KItchens and Bedroom, we offer smart kitchen storage solutions which help you make the most of every nook and cranny in your kitchen space. From hidden drawers to pull-out pantries – we have whatever you need. Why not pick up the phone and speak to a member of our team today about creating kitchen storage solutions that work for you and your lifestyle. You can browse some of our previous kitchen projects for inspiration of how your new gloss kitchen could look. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions you have.


Installing a kitchen which is both durable and stylish is vital for any homeowner. What is also essential is that the kitchen is within the person’s budget. We offer kitchens that will suit everybody, from high end and luxury to cost-effective. No matter your budget, one thing will always remain the same – quality.


We will advise on the latest high-end features as well as smart, affordable alternatives to give you that look you’ve been dreaming of.

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You can also check out our range of different kitchen projects available below for more inspiration! Available in a gloss finish. Whatever your style, we’ll create the perfect kitchen for you.

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